Andras Bality is a Richmond based painter. Using a plein air approach to make initial studies of landscapes and seascapes, which are enlarged to larger format paintings in the studio. Along with studio/plein air work, murals, based on the smaller plein air pieces and portraits are gratefully undertaken.

Page County Cows 10 x 12 inches, oil on canvas 2015

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Thanks for your interest.
Andras J Bality
Hollywood Rapids Mural 10 x 12 ' 2015

  Warm Springs Gallery, Warm Springs VA, Quirk Gallery Richmond VA, Adam Baumgold Gallery , NYC, NY
Gallery Affiliations
For commercial spaces - large scale commissions as well as limited edition fine art prints are available through Soho Myriad in Atlanta Georgia and PI Creative Arts in Toronto Canada
2 day Plein Air workshop- there are still spaces left June 26-27 at Nimrod Hall, Bath County VA, It's a great time, you are guarenteed to have fun and hopefully learn a bit about plein air painting.